CD-78-FP Hi-Rail cherry picker

  • CD-78-FP 1
  • CD-78-FP 2
  • CD-78-FP 3

CD-78-FP Hi-Rail cherry picker.

  • This dual cab can transport up to six (6) workers plus the driver in the safety of the cab.
  • The bucket is a two (2) man, 250 kilo basket, and fitted with an electronic slew restrictor.
  • We provide a air purifier/scrubber. A necessity for working on enclosed job sites e.g tunnel work.
  • Catalytic converter fitted to the exhaust.
  • A reversing camera and UHF radio.
  • This EWP is work cover approved to operate without the aid of outriggers on track.
  • L.E.D work lights for night work.
  • 4x4 for traversing rough terrain
  • EWP crush prevention bar.